Thursday, June 30, 2011

Comic Ad

Four Color Promises is a blog that features the ads from comics that range from the '70s on through the '80s. It's pretty entertaining to revisit many of the very familiar images that are tucked away in my subconscious, somewhere. One image featured is this Top Secret/S.I. ad. This ad is apparently from Action Comics issue 606 (which I actually have).

The interesting thing about this ad is the four novels fanned out in the corner. Four novels. This is evidence of a book that never was produced. The four Top Secret/S.I. books that we know exist are:

  • Double Agent: Acolyte of Darkness/Web of Danger
  • Double Agent:The Hollow Earth Affair/The Royal Pain
  • Double Agent: The Hard Sell/Glitch!
The fourth book is a bit hard to make out, but I believe the titles are- Double Agent: High Stakes Gamble/Overloads of the Underworld. Yes. Overloads. I'm not sure if this is a typo because this entry is spelled this way.

I wonder if the unproduced Double Agent novel was basically a novelization of the High Stakes Gamble box set. It's too bad it was never released. I would have liked to see more Sebastian Cord. 

Also, notice the early box cover art for the High Stakes Gamble box set with the red border.

I do not recall seeing any other Top Secret/S.I. ads in comics those days. But I do recall seeing this ad in quite a few issues.


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